[ New Product ] Doosan PUMA 4100/5100 series

Doosan Machine Tools has launched the PUMA 4100/5100 series, which is eminently suitable for the precision processing of mid-to-large industrial parts such as automotive shafts and oil/gas pipelines.

A follow-up model of the PUMA 400/480 series, whose performance has already been highly praised in the global markets including the United States and Europe, the new PUMA 4100/5100 series is equipped with the fastest and most powerful cutting capacity and the surest stability of any model in its class. Furthermore, its user convenience has been expanded considerably through a number of user-centered improvements to its performance and the addition of new features. The new series is also equipped with a total of 22 lineups, so users can now choose chuck sizes of 12-inch, 15-inch, 21-inch or big bore class, and a maximum travel distance of one to two meters.

Its high-capacity spindle of up to 45kW and its 2-speed gearbox structure ensure unrivaled power and processing capacity whenever heavy-duty cutting is required. The PUMA 4100/5100 also boasts markedly improved rotation precision of the C-axis, which directly affects the precision of milling processing, thanks to the attachment of a high-resolution-force BZi sensor.

Its servo-driven tool post has enhanced customer satisfaction and trust through a faster and more stable rotation of the tool post. The 2-axis equipment comes with a 10-angle tool post while the milling equipment is equipped with a 12-angle tool post, both as basic features. Most notably, through improvements to the gear structure of the tool drive motor used in milling processes, the milling equipment has raised its maximum rotation speed to 4,000 revolutions per minute (r/min) while reducing accompanying heat and noise, securing both performance and stability.

The Series also offers various new user convenience features such as the EOP (Easy Operation Package) and EZ guide as standard features. As part of the company’s efforts to minimize the maintenance costs of its machine tools, the PUMA 4100/5100 series is equipped with a variety of energy-saving features in addition to an enlarged engine oil tank, which has extended the engine oil replacement interval.

Moreover, the series has made it possible for users to expand its features – including the frequently used special thread functions, steady rest and long boring bar – without any modifications so that it can be adjusted to meet diverse industrial needs quickly and easily.