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Balancing machine Tool Dynamic TD 2009 Comfort Plus

The spindle speed of modern machine tools have increased on a continuous basis in the last few years in order to achieve higher cutting volumes and machine in a profitable manner. The increases have also raised the demands for the tools and holders used, because the higher spindle speeds make the effects of imbalance increasingly more noticeable. The consequences are vibrations, bad surface finish and shorter tool life.

Only the high-precision balancing of tools and tool holders can make the complete capacity of the machines tool with regards to speed, cutting volume and produced surface finish accessible. Because balancing provides for fewer vibrations. It reduces wear of the spindle and tool, reduces the downtimes and increases process security.

Balancing Machines

Balancing machine Tool Dynamic

With the Tool Dynamic balancing machine series, HAIMER offers a comprehensive solution for the balancing of tool holders, grinding wheels and big rotors with diameters up to 800 mm. Starting from the table and complementary machine TD 1002 to the automatic balancing machine TD 2010 Automatic, HAIMER has for every need the suitable balancing machine.

  • TD 1002
  • TD 2009 Economic
  • TD 2009 Economic Plus
  • TD 2009 Comfort
  • TD 2009 Comfort Plus
  • TD Preset
  • TD 800
  • TD 2010 Automatic


Accessories Tool Dynamic balancing machines

HAIMER balancing machines offer due to their modular design a maximum of flexibility. Together with the wide range of of high precision clamping adapters for all interfaces, the balancing arbours to balance tools with cylindrical bore and the comprehensive range of accesories there are no limits set!

Here you can download the complete product range of the Tool Dynamic Balancing Technology as a PDF:

  • Balancing Technology Tool Dynamic

    Modular balancing system, balancing adapter, balancing rings,…

    PDF // 6.9 M Download