[ New Product ] Doosan VCF 850 series

Doosan Machine Tools recently launched its new VCF 850 Series of column moving machining centers, which can be used to perform a wide range of machining works using 3 to 5 axes integrated into a single machining center.
Designed with embedded and top-mounted type rotary tables and a tilting head, the new VCF 850 Series can process work pieces in any of the 3-, 4- and 5-axes modes. Furthermore, the series boasts a wide machining region with its compact size of 3795 mm (L) X 5440 mm (W), thanks to the incorporation of a moving-column design.

Enhanced precision and productivity
It is generally accepted that most machining centers fall into either the 3-axes or 5-axes category. The VCF 850 Series, however, is designed to be customized to perform 3-, 4- or 5-axes machining works with one single machine. The tilting head of the B axis, which supports 4-axes cutting, employs a built-in type of spindle to minimize vibration and noise while delivering excellent reliability and accuracy. The maximum speed and torque of the spindle are 12000 rpm and 204 N•m, respectively. The oil cooler – with control accuracy of 0.1 degrees – and the dual-contact tooling system reduce vibration during cutting, increase tools’ service life, decrease surface roughness, and improve machine productivity.

The rotary table, which can be applied to A or C axis direction to support 5-axes machining, is offered in both factory-installed and user-installation options, widening the customer’s range of choice according to the machining requirements.

Compact size
The ‘column-moving-type’ VCF 850 Series offers the following advantages compared to table-moving types: First, though smaller than table-moving-type machines of the same class, the VCF 850 Series provides a wider cutting range of 3 m in the X axis. This is a very important advantage that enables a significant saving on investment in the expansion of shop space and machinery. Second, the lightweight head can carry out cutting operations with up to 3500 kg of heavy work fixed on the table. As such, the series supports the cutting of heavier work pieces with a greater degree of accuracy than table-moving-type machines, and delivers high-quality machining.

Easy and convenient operation
Offering maximized user convenience as well as greatly enhanced quality and performance, the VCF 850 Series allows the operation panel to travel along the X axis, and provides a maximum main door opening length of 3220 mm considering the operator’s working movement. Along with the standard drum type tool magazine capable of holding up to 30 tools, a chain-type tool magazine with a maximum capacity of 60 tools is also available as an option. The inclusion of a separate pickup magazine capable of holding 5 long, large tools (up to 80 mm in length & 130 mm in tool diameter), and a machine structure that uses a crane for loading/unloading heavy work pieces, reveal the extent to which Doosan has focused on ergonomic design and work efficiency.

By combining various machining capabilities in one single machine, the VCF 850 Series’ largest-of-the-class X axis travel distance enables multi-vise chucking to maximize machine productivity. A partition is provided within the machining area to separate the cutting area and the set-up area, thereby minimizing idling time. The feed rate of each axis is a rapid 40 m/min, while the tool changeover time is a mere 1.5 sec. In addition, turning and simultaneous 4/5-axes cutting, which until now have mainly been performed on turning centers, can now be carried out using the VCF 850 Series’ indexing table and rotary table. Ultimately, the VCF 850 Series’ impressive multi-functional, multi-purpose features will provide customers with a great opportunity to reduce their equipment and labor costs.